Tawana Kenney
Operations Manager

Tawana was born in Washington, DC and raised in Prince George’s County, Maryland.  One of seven children, Tawana is the 7th born.  As part of a large family, Tawana loves the sense of a “team feeling”.  Loyalty and being a team player are Tawana’s goals.  Since childhood, family is (and remains) her top priority!  Family, as well as life, has made Tawana patient and empathetic.  She has given way to the orientation and goals of others, serving them as she moved through life.  This is what makes Tawana, “T”…..this is what makes “T” so special.  “T,” short for Tawana, was a nickname given to her by herself because her name was so uncommon.  Always looking to provide ease for others, she shortened the effort of her name, so you can call her “T” if you’d like. 

When Tawana’s daughter, Tiana, was ten (10), she landed the role of “Young Nala” in the Disney Broadway show, The Lion King.  It was then, in 2001, that Tawana and her daughter would move to New York City to reside while her daughter performed on Broadway.  After her daughter’s contract ended with Disney, they moved to California so that her daughter could continue her career there.  Her daughter landed roles in prime time shows that you may be familiar with;  Malcom in the Middle, ER, Cold Case.  After supporting her daughter for many years and after much longing to be back with family, Tawana and her daughter moved back to Maryland in 2005.  Moving, even across the country, was a familiarity for Tawana at this point. 

Tawana graduated from Harford Community College with a degree in Business Administration.  Starting her career in the Federal Government, Tawana worked with the Department of Defense, Tripler Army Medical Center, and the National Institutes of Health.   After resigning from her Federal Government work, Tawana has held several positions in the private sector.  She worked in capacities such as bookkeeper, administrative manager, and property manager.  Tawana enjoys gaining new skills and tackling challenges.  She is a hardworking and dedicated individual with a strong desire to help others.  This desire ultimately led her to obtain a real estate license.

Tawana’s concern for quality and her desire to be on a team that takes responsibility for the final product make her a natural match for the Compass Home Group.  She is a good, steady, dependable team member who wins with patience and resolve.  Her desire for a friendly, open style of communication allow her to share love easily.  Her high regard for service and people align her heart with Compass Home Group’s vision, to bring dreams home. 

When Tawana is not working or helping others, she is spending quality time with her family or friends, curling up with a good romance novel, or putting a puzzle together.  She also enjoys cruising, seeing theatrical plays and musicals, and shopping.  In Tawana’s opinion, retail therapy is a great way to fix a not-so-good day.  Tawana, aka as “T”, is looking forward to putting her shopping skills to use and to serving your when you buy/sell your new home. 

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