100th Deal Giveaway

As part of our mission to Have Fun, Share Love, and Build Community through Real Estate, the Compass Home Group has pledged the full commission of our 100th home sale of 2021 to an organization of YOUR choosing!!  SCROLL DOWN THIS PAGE TO VOTE!!!!

Mike Nolan of Breathe 379

The mission of Breathe 379 is simple: finding and meeting needs of families in our communities and beyond. Their vision is to help as many people as possible.  To be people loving people, letting them know they are not forgotten.  Through the love of Jesus, BREATHEing life & hope to those who need it without limits of gender, age, beliefs or location…to simply love. Breath 379 is a non-judgmental place where no matter your economic status, physical appearance, whether wearing a business suit living in a mansion or jeans on a farm or even tattered clothes and living in a cardboard box, no matter your beliefs, age or any other box that society puts us in, you are welcomed.  Where anyone can come for help, a chance to “escape” from the pressures of society and life, a place to learn to survive, a place to fit in and to be yourself, a place to have fun. A place that no matter what trouble you are facing, you will be helped to the best of the ability of the staff.  A place of relief, provision and acceptance, not a hand out, but a hand up. Their desire is to have multiple locations that can help facilitate any need that you can think of or come across.  To offer services in the following areas and beyond:

Daycare/After School Care, Education. Job Training, GED, Tutoring, Life Skills, New Mommy/Daddy Classes Counseling & Support Groups, Visitation Groups, Elder Home Visits, Children Hospitals, Youth Center/Hangout, Friday/Saturday Night Life, Summer Camps, Community Days, Hair Cuts, Minor Car Care, Cook Out, Basic Life Care, Mobile Medical Care; and to also be a place where others (churches, non-profits, individuals, etc.) with a vision can come together to gain support and join resources to reach beyond their limits.

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Anita Schatz w/Angel Gowns by Baba, Inc.

Using donated wedding gowns and other materials Angel Gowns by Baba makes and donated burial gowns for miscarried, stillborn and babies who pass on soon after birth. Most of what they donate is shipped, where a lot of their expense lies. They also crochet various items such as accessories, blankets, hats, tiny cradles to hold babies too small for Angel Gowns, etc. and make basket cribs of various sizes that are elaborately decorated for hospital use to photograph the babies before they are taken for burial. Those are permanent fixtures in hospitals. Angel Gowns by Baba has a large team of volunteers across the USA who work constantly to keep the supplies on hand to fill orders globally. Donations are made regularly to local and national hospitals, hospices, funeral homes and to individuals. They have donated thousands of Angel Gown kits  and have filled many emergency orders for parents whose hospital didn’t have their services. Twice a year they volunteer at St. Joseph Medical Center for their Memorial Services for babies lost and visit churches and other organizations with displays to promote their non-profit ministry. A YouTube video tutorial exists to help others learn their craft globally, resulting in many more volunteers to help with this daunting task. Everything made is donated and no one is paid for their work, not even the President of the organization, Anita Schatz, who is on duty 24/7 for emergency orders. Browse their Facebook page to see photos and videos their work and features on TV News programs WBAL, WMAR, FOX, MPTV and EWTN.

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Brooke Hopkins & Drew Evans w/Volun-Teen, LLC 

Volun-Teen's goal is to organize monthly volunteer efforts for teenagers in our county, Harford County, Maryland. After struggling to find service opportunities within our age bracket and being told no various times, we decided to start our own group and create opportunities for like minded teens. It started out with our travel basketball team and has grown to over 1,400 teens. Our slogan is "Growing up by Giving Back". VolunTeen has done many projects throughout Harford County to bring teens together and make the community a better place.

In 2020-2021 Volun-Teen has: Served 14,572 people, completed 27 service projects, donated $72,565 through various projects.

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have".-Margaret Mead

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